Return/Refund Policy

All sales are final. We do not accept returns or offer refunds. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us via email at erin@startonfamilycrystals.com.

Please note: Do not send the product back to us. It will not result in a refund and it will not be sent back to you.



Health - Starton Family Crystals is not a doctor. Crystals and related products must never be used as a health solution or prescription. 

Mental Health - Starton Family Crystals is not a mental health professional. Crystals and related products must never be used to treat a mental illness.

Meditation - Do not use meditation without seeking advice from a medical doctor. Meditation has been known to worsen some mental illnesses, or cause distress in healthy people. Do not take information from Starton Family Crystals as a prescription or mental health solution.

Storage - Do not get crystals wet or store in humidity. Crystals and minerals can lose their color if exposed to sunlight.

Safety - Keep crystals and minerals away from children and pets as small crystals may result in choking hazards and fragile crystals may break or flake off. Flakes or broken pieces may be sharp. Crystals can be sharp, especially if rough, polished, or broken. Please use caution when handling them. Some crystal and mineral specimens contain toxins. Please do your research.

Uses - Do not ingest crystals or minerals. Crystals and minerals are for display only. Our products are not meant for internal use of any kind.

Wood products - Our wood products are for display only. They are not intended to be used to hold food or liquids. Wood is flammable. Do not use around fire, candles, incense, or any heat sources. Our wood shelves are designed to hold light weight items. 

Herb bundles, candles, incense, and charcoal - dried herbs and incense are flammable. If you choose to burn your herbs, candles, incense, or charcoal, you do so at your own risk.