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At Starton Family Crystals, we believe that the beauty and energy of crystals can enhance our lives in meaningful ways. We take pride in offering high-quality, consciously sourced crystals and minerals that not only inspire awe but also promote a deeper connection with nature...


We Let Our Values Lead the Way

  • lemurian seed quartz

    Conscious Sourcing

    We intentionally source a substantial amount of our crystals from Brazil and Southern Africa. Our preferred partners not only align with our values, but they also possess valuable expertise regarding environmental responsibility and social consciousness. It's interesting to mention that one of our partners actively manages a nature preserve while also contributing to the betterment of their local community.

  • green tourmaline


    The crystals we offer are of exceptional quality, free from any treatments or dyes, and completely natural. Our trusted sources have extensive knowledge and expertise in maintaining the utmost purity of our crystals. We have a keen eye for spotting counterfeit crystals and only use reliable channels to ensure that we never acquire any fake ones.

  • Community

    Our absolute favorite part of what we do is the amazing individuals we have the pleasure of serving (yes, that's you!). Whether we cross paths with you at a local farmers market or connect online, we can't help but get giddy with excitement! We are genuinely passionate about engaging with our extraordinary community and having a grand old time discussing all things crystals. And hey, don't forget to hop on the social media train so you can join us on this exhilarating adventure!

No one should suffer for a crystal.

Our commitment is to ensure that no harm is caused during the crystal production process. We collaborate closely with small mines, individual miners, and partners who share our dedication to environmental protection and upholding human rights in the mining industry.

  • "The value they provide is unbeatable!"

    Starton Family Crystals has provided some of the most breathtaking crystals in my collection! Seriously, the value they provide is unbeatable! Plus, growing my crystal family with consciously sourced crystals makes my heart sing. Thank you Starton Family Crystals!

    - Kathryn Nicole

  • "I've never seen a company so hands on..."

    I absolutely love my new crystals from Starton Family Crystals! I've never seen a company so hands on and communicative with their customers. I purchased a beautiful citrine tower, rainbow quartz, and spirit quartz cluster. All of their crystals are of amazing quality! I'm excited for my next purchase from them!

    - Kathy Moreira - Kat and Moon Tarot

  • "a much higher quality than most others that are out there."

    Starton Family Crystals are an incredible find ~ the quality and energy of these are really unbelievable and in my experience, a much higher quality than most others that are out there. The Clear Quartz crystal I purchased is beyond beautiful & I refer Starton Family Crystals to my clients as a first line resource. Friendly, fast service, too!

    - Sheryl Menah, CNC - Small Healthy Changes

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